Vouchers & Gateways

2 Adults + 0 Children
Room 1

Gift unforgettable moments

Hotel Masmonzón Gift Voucher. The best choice to share unique and special experiences.

Gastronomic Voucher

Spa Access

Enjoy a relaxing moment in the Wellness in the MasMonzón Hotel.

10 Sessions Spa Voucher

Consists of 10, 1 hour sessions in the Spa.

Shirodhara Massage

A Shirodhara massage is deep, tranquilizing and comforting. It is a form of treatment in which warm, herbalized Ayurvedic oil is poured onto your forehead and carefully massaged. Shirodhara relaxes the mind and helps to balance anxiety, stress and your nervous system.

Uzhichili Massage

A Uzhichili massage will nourish every tissue of the body, from bones to muscles and will enhance the flow of energy and improve circulation. It is performed with hands or feet and hot oil which temperature will always be adjusted to your liking.

Marma Points Facial Massage

Marma therapy massage releases stagnant energy and clears blockages through intentional moderate pressure on the Marma points like the head and facial region which are central energy points in the body. This type of massage is extraordinarily relaxing.


Unforgettable getaways

Oenological getaway

Includes a 1-night accommodation and breakfast in a standard double room with access to Spa and a visit to a PDO (protected designation of origin) winery Somontano.



Cultural getaway

Includes accommodation and breakfast in a standard double room, access to the Spa and a visit to the Templar Castle.



Romantic getaway

Includes 1-night accommodation and breakfast in a suite room with a bottle of cava.



Gastronomic getaway

Includes 2-nights’ accommodation and breakfast in a standard double room. Dinner one day in La Cucharilla Restaurant, access to Spa and a visit to the Templar Castle.



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